If you’re looking for Colleyville TX Estate Lawyers Near Me, you’re already on the right track. Unfortunately, many people neglect to plan for the inevitable. An estate plan can help your family through the difficult times following your passing. Your family will experience grief and heartache following your homegoing. Without an estate plan, they may also experience feelings of confusion, stress, and even fear. Everyone, no matter their family situation, should have an estate plan. For parents of minors, this fact is particularly non-negotiable. If you’re having any doubts about whether an estate plan is worth the time, effort, or expense, The Fetty Firm can attest to its value. You can make a difficult time for your family a bit more manageable with clearly outlined and legally-binding intentions.

The Fetty Firm is here to help you plan your estate. You never know what your final days may look like. If your health begins to fail, it’s important to outline your medical wishes while you are still legally competent to make them. Likewise, you can make your other wishes known. With an estate plan, you can be as specific as you desire, so long as your requests are legal. When the time comes that your estate plan needs to go into effect, your family won’t have to deal with any complications.

In order to ensure that the moments directly preceding and following your death are as stress-free as possible, you need the assistance of a qualified estate lawyer. Otherwise, you might have to deal with issues with probate law. When you plan your estate with The Fetty Firm, you can confident that your estate doesn’t have any legal issues and will go into full effect. This makes the best of an unfortunate situation.

Colleyville TX Estate Lawyers Near Me

Colleyville TX Estate Lawyers

What Do Colleyville TX Estate Lawyers Near Me Do?

An estate lawyer can help you with wills, trusts, and more. In general, estate planning refers to designating what should be done with your real estate and assets after you can no longer make your own decisions or have passed. The Fetty Firm, in particular, has years of experience offering a range of services related to practice areas involving estate planning.


When most people think about estate planning, they’re thinking about a will. A will ensures that your assets go where you want them to. The law has guidelines regarding who inherits your assets when you pass. However, your will supersedes these laws. Even in the event that your wishes coincide with the law, you’ll want your own will to ensure that the process of inheritance is non-complicated and goes uncontested. You can form a trust either while you’re alive (known as a “living trust”) or upon your passing. The beneficiary will receive the assets in the trust upon meeting certain conditions, as determined by you.


Trusts are a bit more complicated than wills. In fact, we highly recommend that you only form a trust with the assistance of an estate lawyer. Otherwise, the trustee may not inherit your assets, or they may run into other issues.

Advanced Directive/Living Will

An advanced directive, also known as a living will, provides instructors for caregivers and doctors for how to treat and medicate you. If you are ever unable to give these instructions yourself, the living will serves as a binding document. Living wills cover a variety of scenarios, such as resuscitation, breathing machines, feeding tubes, and more.

It’s difficult to imagine and plan for all of the medical procedures you might find yourself in. That’s why you need a thorough estate attorney to guide you through the process of drafting a living will. We can make sure that all of your bases are covered and no medical decision is made without your prior consent.

Colleyville TX Estate Lawyers Near Me

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Powers of Attorney

A power of attorney has the power to make legal, financial, and medical decisions on your behalf, depending on the specific PoA you have appointed. You can appoint one person to preside over all of your decision or appoint different individuals for each area of your life. For example, you may appoint an adult child as Power of Attorney for your assets, and a spouse as your medical Power of Attorney. The power of attorney will step in when you can no longer make decisions for yourself. You might need a power of attorney if you become a victim of a sudden accident or emergency. Therefore, this might be considered the first step in estate planning for many people.

Designation of Guardian

The Fetty Firm can help with guardian designation. In the event of your passing, you should get a say in who the guardian of your children should be. As a default, your children will likely remain under the guardianship of their surviving parent when you pass away. However, that is not always possible. Under many circumstances, it is important to designate specific child custody for your children to ensure their happiness and safety. For example, the parent may not be a suitable guardian, or the child’s welfare would be at risk. Blended families, adoptive parents, and others in unique circumstances will greatly benefit from a designation of guardian.

You can also name a guardian for yourself, to care for you in the event that you become incapacitated. This person will have power of attorney over your estate. In either case, the person you select will need to be appointed by the court. All parties want to ensure that you, your children, and your assets will be in the hands of someone who is capable and trustworthy. Learn more about designation of guardian here.

Colleyville TX Estate Lawyers Near Me

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A will and other estate plans will greatly benefit you and your family. The probate process will be much simpler. Furthermore, your decisions won’t be challenged. Don’t take for granted the opportunity that you have to make your own decisions about your future. If your family situation changes, you can make adjustments to your will. However, we can also anticipate some of these changes and prepare for them within the estate plan. With the help of an attorney who has practiced law for many years, your assets will be protected and your family will be secure. Call one of the best Colleyville TX Estate Lawyers Near Me at The Fetty Firm today at (214) 546-5746 or use our online contact form.

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