When you need a Colleyville TX Probate Attorney, you need The Fetty Firm. Probate court can be extremely stressful. During this process, your loved one’s assets are evaluated. Their will, if there is one, is examined. Probate court is also the place where someone may contest the will, and make a case for a greater share of the assets. On the other hand, if the person left no legal will, the probate process can take an extremely long time. It’s not uncommon for probate court cases to last up to a year before the assets can be distributed.

We recommend that you have an estate plan and probate lawyer help you through this process. The first step is planning for your unfortunate passing. Though it may be disappointing to think about, it is inevitable. The only thing you can do about it is to prepare. Fortunately, a law office with years of experience with estate and probate law can help you. Not only can The Fetty Form finalize a thorough will for you, but our attorney can help you plan for all other areas of your life as well. Your assets aren’t the only valuables that need to be protected. If you have minor children, you’ll want to make plans for their care.

Additionally, outlining your medical desires can provide comfort to both you and your loved ones during a very frightening time. If you have a relative who has not planned for their end of life with legally-binding documents, have them call The Fetty Firm. On that note, you can visit our law firm if you still need to plan your estate. Unless you’re younger than 18 years old, it’s never too early to draft a will. The Fetty Firm can simplify the process while ensuring that you and your wishes are protected on all fronts.

Colleyville TX Probate Attorney

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What A Colleyville TX Probate Attorney Does

A Colleyville TX Probate Attorney attorney can assist with any or all of the required probate court proceedings. Some families just need help with one or two areas, such as asset allocation, or will contesting. On the other hand, some executors prefer for a probate lawyer to handle the entire case. Regardless, The Fetty Firm is here to make a difficult time less difficult. Probate court proceedings last months. Even if you thought you could manage the probate case by yourself before, you might feel differently about it a few months in. A board-certified probate attorney can help. You’ll not only benefit from a probate lawyer standing in and attending court hearings. Our attorney has knowledge of the ins and out of the probate court system. We can deal with any legal issues that might come up. Instead of constantly searching for answers and solutions to probate issues, you can trust your loved one’s estate in the hands of an experienced attorney.

The probate attorney at The Fetty Firm, Rashelle Fetty, can also help you prepare for probate court. In some cases, you may be able to avoid it completely. However, in order for that to be the case, you’ll need to prepare beforehand. Once your loved one has passed, their assets either go to probate court or do not. Often, this is not an all-or-none situation. Instead, some assets go to court and others do not. In either case, there is nothing an executor can do to prevent assets from going to probate court. It’s up to the deceased to allocate these assets in a way that permits them to bypass court. Fortunately, the Fetty Firm can assist anyone who is interested in avoiding probate court. Rashelle Fetty can discuss the options for an individual’s unique assets and develop a plan and the necessary documents to make estate execution as fast and simple as possible.

Colleyville TX Probate Attorney

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Other Estate Planning Legal Services

A will isn’t the only thing you need to have planned before you pass away. However, it is a great start. Once you have a will, it would benefit you to add the other following documents to your estate plan:


A trust, a living trust in particular, in one way to avoid probate court. With a living trust, your assets transfer to another person. In order to ensure that this transfer is legal and successful, you’ll need an attorney to create your trust. Fortunately, The Fetty Firm performs this service, in addition to finalizing wills. There are various forms of trusts available, so depending on your unique circumstance, you may benefit more from one than the other. No matter which you decide, it’s best to have the assistance of an attorney. Otherwise, your trust may be invalid. In that case, your assets may end up in probate court or may be considered non-deliverable to the person you’ve designated in the trust.

Powers of Attorney and Living Wills

A power of attorney or living will goes into effect while you are still alive. If you can no longer make your own decisions, these documents attest to what your wishes would be if you were of sound mind. A living will, also known as an advanced directive, states your medical wishes. In the living will, you outline how you would like to be treated in a variety of medical conditions, and what types of services you would like to receive. For example, you can specifically approve or prohibit certain procedures. With a power of attorney in place, you give a person of your choosing the permission to make decisions regarding your estate on your behalf. Either document has certain conditions that must be met in order to ensure validity, such as witnesses or signatures. The Fetty Firm’s Colleyville TX Probate Attorney will make sure that your documents are legally-binding, which guarantees that your wishes will be fulfilled.

Colleyville TX Probate Attorney

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Everyone should plan their estate. It doesn’t matter how little you think you will leave behind, your belongings are valuable to your loved ones. Even if you think your assets will go to the right person without a will, you can’t be sure without one. Furthermore, you may need to plan for other family matters, such as guardianship, spousal support, and eldercare. Fortunately, The Fetty Firm can assist with an impressive range of family law cases. From adoption documents before a child is born to probate cases after a parent has died, The Fetty Firm can assist your family. You can reach The Fetty Firm Colleyville TX Probate Attorney online or by calling (214) 546-5746.

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